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Main Parts

Main function of PalmOrder is to expand office AIS (ERP) due to connecting mobile devices to it. PalmOrder is a very nimble system, it may be connected almost to any AIS (ERP) or other DBMS (exactly to any DBMS that supports XML file format). Schematically PalmOrder consists of:

a) mobile application;

b) system of communication between AIS (ERP) and mobile application.

Due to all above mentioned PalmOrder's main parts are:

  • Server application — resident program, installed on office PC. It receives data from Windows Mobile- or Android device and transfers to office AIS (ERP) or other DBMS.
  • Communication platform installed on Android- or Windows Mobile device. It designed to ensure receiving and storing information on mobile device. Also communication platform lets perform exchange to server either in the office or outdoors.
  • Application's configuration installed on Android- or Windows Mobile device. Strictly speaking, this is mobile application you run.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) is an instrument to create different configurations of mobile application.



Interaction of Configuration Components

Main configuration components:

  • References store semi fixed background information (usually downloaded from AIS (ERP) or other DBMS).
  • Documents to register any business or other events
  • Journals to unite documents of the same type.
  • Choosing Forms in documents make it easy to choose elements in references.
  • Interactive Reports to get systematic information on something you need (for example debts, history of sales etc)
  • Print Forms to create print forms (Hey Captain Obvious!)
  • Some other forms.

These objects interact to each other and make up a whole application:

Mobile Application's Extensions

To increase the number of features you can extend your system with different peripherals connected to your Android-, Windows Mobile device. List of peripherals fills in as needed. At the moment next peripherals can be connected:

  • Cellphone, pad or tablet PC for wireless data transfer (if your PDA has not GSM module).
  • Printer to print documents right in PalmOrder out-of-doors.
  • Barcode scanner for automated selection range in PalmOrder.

Sphere of use

You can use PalmOrder in any case when you need to collect data out-of-doors and send it to server for use or storing. Mostly PalmOrder is used in business activity. Because it lets you register any business event when it takes place or immediately after it took place or right before it will take place (choose any). If you can't reach this, you will never produce timely proper decisions. If you can't reach this, you can not be competitive in business.

Besides that you can also use PalmOrder on public opinion polls and interviews, election exit polls etc. Herewith data collection and processing becomes much faster and more precisely. The costs of the research are less. Needless to say that the number of respondents increases. Needless to say about the possibility of getting accurate results.

Summarizing all the above, the assertion is: PalmOrder is indispensable wherever you want to collect and transmit information to server.
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