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26.11.2014 A new 1.1.19 version of «PalmOrder: Pre-Selling» for Android has been released.

A new 1.1.19 version of «PalmOrder: Pre-Selling» has been released on November 26, 2014. Now the administrator doesn't need to have a device in his hands to change the program settings. It can be done remotely using exchange! How to change preferences remotely. Also see the Administrator Guide chapter «Configuring Exchange» paragraph «File For Remote Preferences Of Mobile Part». Here's an example of preferences.xml. This feature can be used with server version 6.1.4 or higher.

The functionality of the site, associated with the use of routes (scheduled and actual), has been slightly expanded.

The user interface has been enlarged with the possibility to change the price of a product by choosing different price categories directly from the amount dialogue box. Please note, that you can call the amount dialogue box in the tabular section of a «Request» document (using context menu), as well as in the items selection table.

17.09.2014 A new 1.1.13 version of «PalmOrder: Pre-Selling» for Android has been released.

A new version 1.1.13 of «PalmOrder: Pre-Selling» has been on Play Market since September 17, 2014. A new document — «Store-Check» — is now available for our users. You can use it to monitor the stock of goods in a point of sale, or set the prices of goods similar to your items.

Now «PalmOrder: Pre-Selling» has an almost complete set of tools for supervisors and merchandisers: the possibilities to send photos, control the shelf stock of goods, exchange information with the server, take an additional request, schedule a route and track an employee's movement online with GPS-tracking, put various event markers of «Meeting», «Request document», «Payment document», «Store-Check document» on a Google-map. Besides, you can visually assess whether a document was created directly in a customer's point of sale or remotely.

05.09.2014 A new 1.1.10 version of «PalmOrder: Pre-Selling» for Android has been released.

On 05.09.2014 a new version 1.1.10 of «PalmOrder: Pre-Selling» has been released. We added a new feature — a route for a mobile employee. Now you can set a route for a specific date or for a day of the week. How to create a route.

There is also a possibility to set an item individual price for specific customers. How to set an item individual price.

We fixed the bug of numbering columns in journals and tabular sections of documents.

A GPS-online server now shows different markers depending on the event: creating the «Request» or «Payment» documents, having a meeting, enabling or disabling a GPS module and some others. Now you can not only track the movement of a mobile employees, but also view the results of their work right on your screen.

Besides that, an external interface for interaction between a GPS server and AIS (ERP) is now available. This allows you to upload a «Customers» reference and a scheduled route to a server. Using this feature, it is easy to determine whether a document was created in a customer's office or somewhere else. Using a scheduled route, it is easy to compare it with a real one. See the Administrator Guide, chapter «Processing with GPS-tracking server» for more details.

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