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In our modern competitive world a fast and efficient customer service is the only way to succeed. So most of the wholesale companies have sales representatives (agents) who regularly visit their customers and take orders (requests) for the offered goods.

«Old School» Pre-Selling

A typical process of pre-selling with no automation looks like this: in some companies still living in the past an agent is given a stack of papers called «Price Lists» which contain information on product availability and price. As a rule, an agent fills a customer order on paper as well. If a company has a vast assortment, searching in these documents becomes cumbersome, and the information on availability of goods in stock is often outdated. So a sales representative has to keep most of the information about the promotional or popular items in his head.

But this is not the hardest part! Now there is a problem of sending and uploading the collected data to an office AIS (ERP). An agent has to call and dictate the order details to an operator, or bring a pile of request papers to an office where an operator transfers the data to AIS (ERP). Thus very often the request information is not processed until the next day.

To deliver a product to a customer a logistics department has to process the necessary data, form a delivery route, load a van with goods… And only then off they go!

Up-To-Date Pre-Selling

If «PalmOrder: Pre-Selling» is used:

  • a sales representative receives a mobile device with the latest price lists, information on customers and their debts. Certain positions can be highlighted with different colors to emphasize their importance. More information about goods and customers can be transferred onto a mobile device with no restrictions, and the details of any liabilities can be easily retrieved;
  • a sales representative can fill a customer order (request) quickly and easily using Choosing Forms which get automatically filled with a certain price category linked to a customer. A total price is also calculated. Moreover, it is easy to provide customers with discounts on either certain positions or the total order price;
  • if a sales representative receives payment from a customer, he registers this fact in a corresponding document;
  • finally, a sales representative can immediately transfer a customer order (request) to server via Wi-Fi (connecting a cellphone to a PDA, pad or tablet PC) or using a smartphone (a PDA with a built-in GSM). After transmission the information is automatically loaded into AIS (ERP) for a further processing;
  • anytime a sales representative can update the information on price lists, customers or any other data on his mobile device via Wi-Fi.


  • A sales representative always has an up-to-date information about goods and customers.
  • A customer request is uploaded to AIS (ERP) immediately after its formation.
  • There is no need in operators who enter order details, update cash documents etc in AIS (ERP). Naturally, there are no errors.

All these advantages increase the speed and efficiency of customer service and reduce maintenance cost of pre-selling.
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