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Creating of configurations

For relatively fast and easy creation of new configurations our specialists have developed our own set of tools (Software Development Kit) — LiteERP.

To create the configuration we need to:

  • add an object;
  • describe its properties;
  • describe a reaction to certain events;

Using Software Development Kit we can quickly and easily modify existing or create any new configuration, the application of data collection, or the accounting system (or part of it), or any other database management system.

Approximate cost of configuration's elements shown below:

  • Creating a reference min. 3 hours
  • Creating a document min. 5 hours
  • Creating a journal min. 2 hours
  • Creating a choosing form min. 3 hours
  • Creating a report min. 2 hours
  • Creating a print form min. 2 hours
  • Creating any other form min. 2 hours

The upper limit depends on the complexity of the task. One hour costs $20 for today.

Configurations can be created for use in any sphere where collection and transmission of data for further processing or storage is required. In addition to business and economy it may be, for example, sociology (exit polls, surveys, census, etc.).

To estimate the cost of individual configuration you need to:

  • briefly describe its purpose
  • make the forms of documents, reports and printed forms
  • send to our e-mail

We will send an estimated cost of configuration within 48 hours.

Now our configuration «PalmOrder: Pre-Selling» is successfully used at dozens of firms for pre-selling and merchandising.
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