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Collecting Requests
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Dear Friends,

PalmOrder developers invite IT-companies and freelancers of all countries to become our partners. We create and develop applications that collect data remotely and send it to server for further processing or storing. Our parthers:

  • look for potential users (customers)
  • implement our software
  • provide interactions between PalmOrder and other database management systems using XML format
  • deal with the financial side of cooperation

Description and structure of PalmOrder system.

As an example we introduce «PalmOrder: Pre-selling&Merchandising» — application for collecting requests (orders) and merchandising.

Please find the additional information for details. Contact us.

PalmOrder is a software platform for Android mobile smartphones, tablets, PDAs etc. It expands possibilities to computerize information gathering and data processing where usual PC just won't do (e.g. pre-selling, van-selling, stock-taking etc). PalmOrder can also be used in interviews, public opinion surveys, exit polls, and even in taking orders at a restaurant; or basically whenever you need to get data and send it to computer server for processing or storing. (see System description for details).
PalmOrder will save up to 50% of your working time, let you avoid mistakes of written and oral communication, and, as a result, increase your business effectiveness and profit.
PalmOrder is not a self-standing independent application. It complements an office accounting information system (AIS or ERP systems) such as SAP, Oracal JD Edwards,1C:Enterprise, BEST, PaRus, Galaxy and suchlike office accounting systems or other DBMSs. PalmOrder and AIS (ERP or another DBMS) interacts using the XML file format (supported by both systems).
Nota bene: PalmOrder does not solve specific business tasks like pre-selling or van-selling computerization. PalmOrder is a platform to create applications with the help of which you can obtain and process any kind of data with your mobile device. See chapter Creating of configurations for more details.
PalmOrder's functional horizons can be expanded by different peripherals such as mobile phones, printers, barcode scanners, fiscal printers and many other devices.
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