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Three Simple Steps to Install PalmOrder
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Three Simple Steps to Install PalmOrder

To install and run PalmOrder you just need to follow three simple steps:

  1. Install a server part

    The server part is installed on either the computer that has an Internet access and is connected through a local network with the computer that runs an office accounting system, or the computer (with an accounting system installed) that has access to the Internet.

      If you're not an experienced user, download the PalmOrder Administrator's Guide. In the «System Setup» section you will find a clear step-by-step instruction on what to do.

      If you are an experienced user, download the installation package, and run the executable file. May you have any questions, download the PalmOrder Administrator's Guide. In the «Installing» section you will find a clear step-by-step instruction on what to do.

      If you are a guru, download the installation package, run the executable file and follow your intuition the process.

    After the installation is complete, your computer becomes a server. Find out the IP-address of your server in the local network (it will be used in the local data exchange). This can be done through Start –> Run… –> type «cmd». In the resulting window type «ipconfig».
    Identify the IP-address of your server in the Internet (it will be used in the remote data exchange). Type something like «my ip» in a search engine window.
    An external IP-address is 100% required if your employees work outside of office. Decide for yourself if you need a local IP-address, but it's always good to have Wi-Fi in the office. It's faster and more reliable than the Internet, which is rather important when you transfer essential data size to a mobile device.
    An external IP-address must be static (i. e. it should not change every time you connect to the global network. Clear all the details with your Internet-provider. If an IP-address is dynamic, find out if it is possible to get a static IP (for free or for a reasonable price). Otherwise you'll have to use a special service, for example,

    For guru: palm_server.exe also runs under WINE.

    PalmOrder is not free. You will need to purchase a license to use it. But you do not need a license for a demonstration and initial setup. Thus we are gradually moving on to reviewing next part.

  2. Install the program on your mobile device

    Install the program on your mobile device as described here or in the PalmOrder Administrator's Guide. (see section «Installing», chapter «Installing of the Mobile Part»).

    Don't forget to specify the server local and external IP-addresses in PalmOrder. To do this tap Settings icon and choose «Exchange Menu». Then choose «Local». The upper window is designed to store IP-address. Enter and save the server's IP-address in local Wi-Fi network. Do the same for «Remote» exchange, using your server's external IP-address. If a device has an access to the Internet and a local mobile network, it's all ready to go. You see, it's simple!

    Do you need a license? Of course! As we've already mentioned the program is not free. Every license for a mobile device costs from $39 up to $64. It should be noted that the license is not just a fee for using the program. The license is the file that is installed into the program and by means of which the server identifies a mobile device. Using the license file, you can optimize a data export from an office accounting system onto your mobile device. You can generate an individual amount of information for each device. Installing the license file will also guarantee the prevention of an unauthorized data download by your former employees. The license file is not required to set up the program.

  3. Link your accounting system to PalmOrder

    The third simple step is linking your accounting system to PalmOrder. This is possible if your accounting system supports the XML-based data interchange format (like in 1C, JD Edwards, Microsoft Navision, SAP3). If you have a special accounting system (e. g. a notebook with the columns «Income» and «Expenditure») that doesn't support data exchange in the XML format, we are afraid you won't be able to use PalmOrder. Linking PalmOrder to an office accounting system means creating special program modules (usually called «processing») that ensure the formation of the required amount of data in the XML format for transferring to a device (UL, upload) and the registration of the information received by a server from a mobile device and its processing in an accounting system (DL, download). The creation of such software modules is the prerogative of your IT-specialist (programmer). At the same time, you can rely on our constant support. A consultation via electronic tools (that doesn't require the on-side visit of our specialist) is free of charge for the whole period of using the program. If you do not have a programmer, send us an email and we will work something out.

Try it, install it, configure it, operate it! If something is not clear, you are welcome to call us (our Skype is palmorder2). If nobody answers, everyone is asleep please e-mail us. We will get back to you when we wake up as soon as possible.
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