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Collecting Requests
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Features of PalmOrder Mobile Application

Lite license

Medium license

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hierarchical structure + + +
column settings (changing column name, number and width, alignment, hide/show option, data format (date, text, integer, floating point)) + + +
hierarchical structure on/off + + +
filters + + +
search + + +
reference elements highlighted in different colors + + +
parent groups shown in Details of an item + + +
Items reference
item photograph: storing and displaying in Details + + +
shelf stock management + + +
Customers reference
downloading data about customer's debts + + +
placing a customer onto the Desktop for automatic filling of document's Details + + +


printing documents on Bluetooth printers +
Request document
column settings (changing column name, width and number, alignment, hide/show column, data format (date, text, integer, floating point)) + + +
choosing bill of goods from a corresponding Reference with all its functions + + +
«one tap» increment and decrement of an item quantity + + +
using package multiplier (factor) in an item quantity + + +
different types of prices set for different customers + + +
fixed connection between price category and customer + + +
permission to change item price in Request + + +
discount of a specific amount or percentage for entire document or any item individually + + +
downloading data on actual shelf stock + + +
copying and deleting documents, deleting sent documents only, changing the status of sending + + +
Request-based creation of invoices and delivery notes in AIS or ERP + + +
downloading overdue debts + + +
ban on creating Request document for customers with overdue debts + + +
taking and sending photographs +
an obligatiory taking photo mode before saving Request +
setting an individual item price for each customer + + +
downloading additional parameters, for example, item quantity in previous delivery + + +
Payment document
creating Payment document when receiving payment + +
Request- or Debt-based input + +
creating a corresponding document in AIS (ERP) on the basis of Payment document + +
setting ban on deleting unsent Payment document + +
setting ban on changing saved Payment document + +
Debt document
downloading debt-created documents from AIS or ERP + +
using of Debt document as a basis for Payment document + +
creating route for the days of the week or for a specific date +
creating a scheduled route and comparing it with an actual one on +
creating Request, Payment or Store-Check documents using context menu in Route +
Store-check document
information about shelf stock in a point of sale can be sent to a server +
information about item prices in a point of sale can be sent to a server +

Settings and other features

data exchange according to TCP/IP stack protocol + + +
using Dropbox file hosting service for data exchange + + +
configuring of different types of data exchange + + +
two types of connection (local/remote) + + +
ban on running the application when GPS modul is turned off +
GPS-online start/stop timer +
getting the actual routes of the mobile employees +
following the route of all/number of employees in the online mode +
visual assessment of an employee's work by comparing scheduled/actual routes and automatic affixing «Request», «Payment», «Store-Check» or «Meeting» markers on a GPS map +
visual assessment of the documents as created in a point of sale or remotely +
Other settings
debug mode + + +
enable/disable dialog-assistants + + +
ability to change server IP-address + + +
reset the document and journal columns to default parameters + + +
sites creation and promotion
sites creation
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