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How can I use Dropbox service for data exchange

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How can I use Dropbox service for data exchange
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To configure exchange via Dropbox do as follows:

  1. Get e-mail addresses for each mobile device (license) and one more for server (note, that you can use existing e-mail addresses).
  2. Use these addresses to register the Dropbox accounts (also for each mobile device and one more for server).
  3. Install dropbox.exe on your server PC. Create the synchronization folder in the root of C: drive, for example, C:\Dropbox.
  4. Copy C:\PalmOrder\Server to C:\Dropbox\Server.
  5. Enter your Dropbox server account and share folder named Server for other accounts, that are uses by mobile devices. Accept an invitation in every account (enter every account consequentially and click on Apply button, that appears).
  6. Correct paths in palmserv.ini: The paths must be relative. It means, that if you shared the folder named Server in previous point and folders Inbox and Outbox are inside it, your paths look like this:
    If every device (license) has its own Inbox and Outbox folders, for example, the device SA001 downloads data from …\Server\Outbox\SA001, and uploads data to …\Server\Inbox\SA001, then in section [SA001] of palmserv.ini you should enter

Paths of Temp, Downloaded and Error folders leave as they are. No need to place them in Dropbox folder.

On every mobile device:

  1. Launch «PalmOrder». Tap «Settings», choose «Exchange menu» — «Remote».

  2. Select Dropbox.

  3. Enter /Server in the window «Path to server»

  4. Tap «Connect» («Reconnect», if you had connected earlier on the device).

  5. If «Complete action using» window appears, chose what you prefer — as for me, I use Browser.

    The window of connection to Dropbox appears. Enter the e-mail address and password that you use on Dropbox for this device. Tap «Sign in».

  6. Allow to access Dropbox shared folders by PalmOrder: tap «Can».

  7. Tap «OK» to complete configuring

Now it's done.

Now no need to start palm_server.exe to perform remote exchange. But if you need to perform local exchange, it's necessary to start palm_serv.exe. Make sure you start c:\Dropbox\Server\palm_server.exe, but not c:\PalmOrder\Server\palm_serv.exe. You better delete c:\PalmOrder\Server\palm_serv.exe to be sure. Nota bene, that to install license on a mobile device you need to perform only Local exchange. So don't forget to start c:\Dropbox\Server\palm_server.exe. Don't forget to exit palm_server.exe after license is installed (or other local exchange is performed). When palm_server.exe executes locally for installing new licenses on mobile devices, exchange via Dropbox does not operate.
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